Pitching: The Basics


Here’s how it works. Pitching happens on Friday night and is completely optional. Feel free to come with or without an idea, but be sure to be attentive and take notes throughout the process. While it’s your opportunity to share your idea with the group and recruit team members, it’s also your opportunity to see what other ideas are out there. Be on the lookout for concepts you would be interested in developing throughout the course of the weekend. At the end of Pitchfire, popular vote will decide which concepts will move forward, and teams will be formed to develop those concepts.

Have a killer business or product idea? Pitch your idea to the Startup Weekend group to get others excited about your idea too. You will only have 60 seconds to pitch, so focus on making every second count. We recommend allocating your time as follows:

5-10s Who are you?

10-20s What’s the problem?

10-20s What’s your solution?

5-10s Who do you need?

Name your idea. If you choose to pitch, you will be asked to name your concept and provide that name to our recording team sometime during your 60s. Branding your idea will help others remember your concept when it’s time for preliminary voting and team formation.

In our experience, the best pitches are practiced pitches. Take time to think about the most essential information for your audience to know.  For extra tips and tricks, check out this article.

Best of luck!